Knit, Crochet & Craft: Past Projects

Knitting and crafting for charity has become an enormous success in Inspire libraries. Here's a list of our past projects.

2019: Worry Monsters

In 2019 we were inspired by a charitable service based in East Yorkshire, Knit-for-Nowt appeal for knitted, crocheted or sewn 'Worry Monsters'. The monsters get donated to Social Work teams across the UK, therapists use them to help children suffering from abuse, neglect, bereavement or other serious problems. Inspire received 550 knitted monsters which filled the gallery cabinets and book shelves at Beeston Library from 16 July - 12 Sept and became part of the 'Out of This World Exhibition'.

2018: Puppets

The charity theme for 2018 was inspired by the Operation Christmas Child (OCC) knitting and crochet resources OCC annually request toys for their shoe box appeal. 1300 knitted and crocheted hand puppets and finger puppets were made and adorned the Worksop Library mezzanine railing for the 'Mischief Makers Exhibition' from 14 July to 9 September. 

2017: Knit A Square

In 2017 Inspire appealed for knitted squares to support the charity KasCare (Knit a Square) and Child Africa. The squares had to be 20x20cm but could be any colour. 6000 squares were created and displayed in bundles and bunting as part of the 'Visual Stories Exhibition' from 29 July to 7 September at West Bridgford Library. They went on to become blankets for orphans overseas, all stitched together by volunteers.

2016: Wonderful Woolly Garden

In 2016 talented crafters from over 30 library groups loved showing off their skills to make a fabulous garden from thousands of knitted and crocheted flowers. The installation became part of ‘The Big Friendly Exhibition’ hosted by Mansfield Central Library from 19 July to 1 September.  

Inspire worked with Nottinghamshire schools and artists to create an exhibition of amazing artwork inspired by the stories of Roald Dahl.  The Summer Reading Challenge Exhibition featured an ‘interactive reading shed’ set in the garden of wonderful woolly flowers inspired by the writing hut Roald Dahl wrote his brilliant stories in.

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