The Charity Knitting Challenge

Knitting and crafting for charity has become an enormous success in Inspire libraries. 

Every year we support a different charity and 'call out' to groups and individuals that want to be involved and take part. The annual theme is announced in the Spring and the resulting work is collected and put on display as part of the Summer Reading Challenge Exhibition. 

Our crafters are truly amazing!

The Charity Knitting Challenge 2020 is: Hats 400!

Inspire’s 2020 charity challenge invites you to thread up, cast on and create a warm hat. Can we make 400?

Why 400 hats? 

2020 is the anniversary year of the Mayflower journey, marking 400 years since the pilgrims left Nottinghamshire for America.  Let’s knit a hat for every year!

We are delighted to share the results of this year's challenge through a virtual exhibition, displaying all the hats we have received, before they are distributed to charities by Knit for Peace.

This year's call out has now closed.

You can view the exhibition here.

There are so many reasons to join in:

  • Hats are fun to make, find lots of free patterns and designs on the internet, or design your own. 
  • ‘Creativity is good for you’ – getting creative is beneficial to the wellbeing of all people – and that is official.
  • It’s good to have a reason to craft and someone to make for. 
  • The charity recipients will really benefit from your generosity. 
  • You can join in at home. 
  • You can be part of an amazing online exhibition. 
  • The project is part of BBC Get Creative, the UK’s biggest celebration of creativity. 
  • You could even go wild and add a pompom. 

Across the region there are lots of creative projects marking Mayflower 400 and
Inspire are delighted to be working with artist Hetain Patel on “The Few to
the Many”
project, a major new arts commission in Bassetlaw to share this
story and reflect on its meaning today. Making local connections with people
and place, Hetain is making a film, that will premiere in Nottinghamshire and then be shown online across the world!

Hats 400! is one of several Inspire projects spreading the news of Hetain’s work - and after 5 months of crafting we hope we will have gone from just a few hats to many!

To follow the exciting progress of The Few to the Many (funded by Arts Council
England) project, keep your eyes on the blog.

...a few knitters to many hats…

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