Surfaces of the Shire

What is Frottage?

Frottage is the technique or process of taking a rubbing from an uneven surface to form the basis of a work of art.

Professional artist Chris Lewis-Jones has been busy collecting heritage surfaces from across Nottinghamshire. The Surface of the Shire Exhibition is a unique tonal picture of the county that is touring Inspire Library Galleries now. 

Exhibition Tour:

We asked you to join in!

We asked you to reproduce the texture of a surface by taking a direct rubbing using graphite and create your own frottage artworks.

Click on this link to the Surfaces of the Shire Exhibition and find a slide show of your artworks alongside those created by professional artist Chris Lewis Jones. Your rubbings will be photographed and uploaded to the Inspire Picture Archive and join over 5 million documents in Nottinghamshire Archives!

Inspire Picture Archive

The Inspire Picture Archive is an online collection of thousands of historical images of Nottinghamshire. This online service makes it easy to browse and download over 22,000 fascinating images from the past.

To find out more follow this link.