The Chronicles of Atom and Luna: Tales from the Forest

The Chronicles of Atom & Luna: Tales from the Forest

A Story Quest in the library - August 2021

For children aged 7 - 11.

Explore the magical world of Atom and Luna at Hucknall, Newark and Retford Libraries this August.     

There are seven Tales from the Forest  story posters in each library.  Each one linking to an atmospheric audio tale and an interactive fairy tale!   

There is a free bookmark or plantable postcard on offer if you find all seven story posters.

Inspired by the Tales of the Forest?

If you are inspired by the Tales of the Forest why not try these Atom and Luna inspired activities?  You can send your results to us at  (check with an adult first).

Activity: Map Challenge

Create a map of the Forest.

Activity: Sounds of the Forest

Think about what sounds you would hear in the forest?

Activity: What Spell is Mother Redbeard Making?

Cook up a spell for Old Mother Redbeard

About The Chronicles of Atom and Luna

Created and performed by Murray Lachlan Young with music by by Paul Hartnoll (Orbital), The Chronicles of Atom and Luna were created in 2020. 

Six audio tales take us into the depths of the forest to prepare us for the brave journey our heroes, Atom and Luna, must take.  Atom and Luna were left home alone by their mother but saved by the arrival of their magical child minder, Iffly Sney.  When Iffly falls terribly ill and needs help, the twins seek out the mysterious Old Mother Redbeard.   (Quest for Old Mother Redbeard is an interactive story game using augmented reality).   

Visit for more information about the team behind Atom and Luna.

Creative Team

Lead Artist and Story Teller – Murray Lachlan Young

Creative Director – Nina Hajiyianni

Project Designer – Bek Palmer

Project Composer – Paul Hartnoll

Animators – MBD Ltd

British Sign Language - Kate Labno

Creative Producer – Matthew Linley Creative Projects

The project is produced in association with Action Transport Theatre and Eastern Angles Theatre Company