IYA guidance for online working and safeguarding

We will be using the following online platforms:

Youtube Live
Facebook Live
Microsoft Teams

  1. You do not need to have a Zoom or Youtube account to access content as a link will be emailed to a parent/carer’s/school etc. email address which you click to access the content
  2. You can sign up for a free basic Zoom account with your email address. Turn off optional cookies and in my personal information click ‘do not sell’.
  3. Ensure that you have an appropriate profile picture on your account.
  4. You may have a Facebook account in the family which can be used without the young person having to create an account.
  5. The recommended equipment needed for online sessions
You will need:

  • A PC/Laptop, iPad/tablet or ‘phone that can run Zoom (an app may need to be downloaded if using an iPad/tablet or ‘phone) with a webcam and microphone
  • A desk/table for the laptop/PC, tablet or ‘phone
  • Good power supply
  • Minimum 2 mbps broadband speed


  1. All Inspire artists have enhanced DBS clearance.
  2. During the COVID-19 period sessions will be delivered from the artist’s home.
  3. The Department for Education’s statutory guidance Keeping Children Safe in Education obliges schools and colleges in England to “ensure appropriate filters and appropriate monitoring systems are in place. Children should not be able to access harmful or inappropriate material from the school or college’s IT system”; however, schools will need to “be careful that ‘over blocking’ does not lead to unreasonable restrictions as to what children can be taught with regards to online teaching and safeguarding.” UK Safer Internet Centre, www.saferinternet.org.uk/advice-centre/teachers-and-school-staff/appropriate- filtering-and-monitoring/appropriate-monitoring
  4. Arrangements for the project sessions will be made with the consent of the parent/carer if the child is under 16.
  5. As is expected in normal sessions, appropriate clothing is required of both the artist and the young person. An artist, teacher, student, parent/carer should feel confident that they can stop the session if they feel that clothing is inappropriate or does not meet expectations for the session.
  6. A neutral, plain background in an appropriate room (not a bedroom) should be used for both the artist and the young person as this is now the project setting. For dance sessions there needs to be a suitable amount of unobstructed room for the young person to move freely in. An artist, teacher, student or parent/carer can stop the lesson if they feel the setting is inappropriate and does not meet expectations.
  7. We recommend a parent/carer is available to answer the zoom call at the start and end of the session.
  8. Whilst we understand that as a parent/carer you will be interested in how the sessions will work and see what is happening, having a parent/carer may be distracting for the young person in the same room. We ask that parent/carer’s should be within earshot and/or in sight of the session at all times without the young person being aware that you are there.
  9. In live participatory sessions such as those delivered via Zoom at least 2 members of the Inspire Youth Arts Team will be present. This could be 2 artists, an artist and an Inspire Youth Arts Youth Support Worker or an artist and an Inspire Staff Member.
  10. All Zoom sessions will be recorded and archived confidentially, for the safeguarding of both the artist and the young person. Recordings will only be accessed if an issue is raised by either young person, parent, artist or teacher. 
  11. By accepting the Zoom invitation you are consenting for your child/yourself to take part and if you/your child does not wish to be in a session that is recorded can you please let the artist know at the start of the session.
  12. Please note that the chat function will be disabled to ensure that young people cannot message each other during the Zoom session.
  13. For projects that are not delivered with a school or community organisation the sessions will be arranged with the parent/carer directly if the young person is under 16.
  14. Inspire Youth Arts will have access to artist schedules so that we are aware of the timing of delivery
  15. If you/your child is a member of our Old Library Provision and has any worries or concerns that we can help with our team of Youth Support Workers will be available during live sessions to support you/them if required.
  16. Safeguarding issues or complaints should be raised with Inspire Youth Arts andy.dawson@inspireculture.org.uk or Tel: 07468 708466/07806 592422

Troubleshooting Problems

  1. Try using Zoom etc. before your first session to get used to the features of the platform. Help is available if needed, so please ask.
  2. If the session is not going as planned due to connection issues the artist may stop the session and try to reschedule for another time. 

Should you wish to contact the Inspire Youth Arts Team, please email: email: IYA@inspireculture.org.uk or Tel: 07468 708466/07806 592422  in office hours

If Urgent please email andy.dawson@inspireculture.org.uk IYA Manager available in office hours